Get Aadhar Card for Kids, Apply Now for Kids Aadhar Cards

By | February 13, 2017

Now apply for Aadhar Card for Kids, check full details regarding the Aadhar Card for Kids and document of Kids.

Aadhhar card for New born Child

Government trying to give aadar  card to all of the Indian citizen and they are not differentiating in between age and other factor so that aadhar authority said that each children also have aadhar card either with parents or Individual. It is necessary for the all Indian children and children who has age below 18 they also apply in that and get the individual identity card or family card. As you know that usage of aadhar  JEE exams or taking scholarship from the government. So if you want all these benefits then you must have these document so that you will not get too much trouble in the government works.

Aadhaar Card for Kids and Children

India is seeking for country based identity number so that people will use these card in any where in India. But 6 to 7 decades of independence of India created new Identity card that is called Aadhar. Indian government is used most advanced technology while making the aahdar card sue to that it is one of the wolds most advanced Identity card which is issued by any government. After launching of the aadhar card and till this date more than 99% Indians has aadhar card so if you still left of that then apply and as soon as possible got it. If you kids also not have aahdaar card then also you apply for the kids in the same way as you appled for that.

As per the government directive if your child is above than the 5 year the you will apply for the new if children is below of 5 year then you include with you or in family aadhar card. So it is very simple process so you should apply as soon as possible.

Documents Needed and Process for Applying Aadhaar Card for Children or Kid

It is very easy like for date of Birth produce DOB certificate, for address include parents address or parents can also include your own aadhar card if you all ready have.

Process for Applying Aadhaar Card for Children or Kid

All process and other rules of applying for the aadhaar card are same so don’t be fear and apply as you have done that.


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