Check Aadhar Card Status by SMS through Mobile Number, How to Do ?

By | March 25, 2017

aadhar card status by sms

Aadhar card is one of the most technologically advanced Identity card developed by the Indian Government beating the all other developed countries. All Indian people are also adopting these identity card very fast. So people who don’ t have aadhar card they are now applying so that they also own aadhar number. Government also giving so much benefits to aadhar card holders like all government incentives schemes are transferred based on these number and many others. People are applying online for the aadhar so that it can provide the aadhar number to the government schemes.

Some frequently question ask by the applicant after applying for aadhar card “How to Check Aadhar Card Status by SMS ?” This is good question but it happens due to the new technology tacking place in all over India. So government is also adopting the same system across India as per the peoples choice. So it is easy process to know the status of applied aadhar card through the SMS. If you know operating the mobile number.

All of us know that each and every people of india know the operating of mobile number and sending of sms so Little bit changes will give a leap and without going anywhere you can able to get the status of aadha card. When you checking the status of aadhar card through sms then you must have registered mobile number. All you need to send sms through the registered mobile number to aadhar official number and they will revert status of all the details of aadhar in your mobile number. If still not able to understand then see the below give process. We have given details information about how to check E aadhar Card Status by SMS ?

How to Check E aadhar Card Status by SMS through Mobile Number ?

Type on Mobile Message Box

 UID STATUS <14 Digit EID>

and send it to


 Example :-  if your enrollment number is 1111/15001/02226, then you  will send

UID STATUS 10011516101426




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